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Rob Forrer

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I’m Rob Forrer, I had an early start in tattooing, from 11 years old I started building my own machines and tattooing the neighborhood kids. I realized just how disapproving the parents were when a three quarter ton van cleared my driveway and landed damn near in my living room. Somehow that, nor any of the other wild experiences could keep me away from what I know best and truly love...tattooing!! This career has given me so many opportunities like working along side some of the best in the industry and traveling to some really beautiful places. Once I met Liz I knew we had something really special and we we began to push each other with a mutual respect for the art, we have won many awards through collaborative efforts and plan to do so much more. Now that we have articulate gallery our ambitions are higher than ever, we’ve got all the tools and experience to really make this great, success isn’t owned, it’s rented, and rent is due everyday, time to get it!

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